The Great Siebel Salesforce Migration

Siebel – an Appreciation

At Mutatio, we have decades of experience with Siebel CRM.  This includes Siebel Analytics and Siebel Master Data Management.  We salute Tom Siebel and Patricia House for their vision creating the CRM category and for their technological thoughtfulness. The Siebel data model is incredibly robust and extensible.  We should not forget how innovative this product thinking was at the time.

We have designed, developed and maintained Siebel based systems for government and commercial clients.   These solutions range from sales force automation to complex case management, citizen interaction platforms and help desk automation.  Along the way, we have provided our customers with powerful Siebel Analytics (now called Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition) to monitor performance and make informed decisions.  These solutions have served our customers very well and for a very long time.

We wanted to share our love and admiration for Siebel and the Siebel community as we  tearfully say: it is, alas, time to move on.

To all of you Siebel holdouts – don’t listen to those who deride you as CRM Luddites.

In all likelihood, you have built a powerful and extensible solution and it is probably the life blood of key parts of your organization.  Your friends, colleagues and the technorati don’t know this, but we do. Others don’t appreciate how difficult migrating away from Siebel can be, the nuances involved, and how mission critical it is to do right and do smart.  We do.

Don’t listen to those who deride you as CRM Luddites.

Salesforce Salvation

Salesforce has published a very helpful paper for those about to embark on migrating from the great (but late) Siebel to the best in class Salesforce CRM platform.  You can download this paper here.  It’s very good.  We read the whole thing so we know.

The Mutatio Golden Road to Salesforce Devotion

We think it would be helpful for us to share some of our insights based on our knowledge of both Siebel and Salesforce and the attendant migration journey.  Before we drop this knowledge on you it would be useful to first read the Salesforce 10-Step Journey paper.  Stay tuned for some keen insight.  Hint: It is going to involve the Siebel File System.