Mutatio is a Salesforce Partner

Mutatio is proud to be a Salesforce Partner. Our experts have decades of experience delivering mission critical CRM solutions. We know exactly why Salesforce is the market leader and we know how to provide our customers with cost-effective, secure, scalable Salesforce solutions.

IT Operation and Maintenance

IT Operation and Maintenance (O&M) support requires technical expertise, proven management, flexibility, innovation, and a dedicated commitment to customer service. Mutatio focuses on ensuring comprehensive system availability and security while delivering timely enhancements and driving modernization. This is the heart of our “get healthy, stay healthy and modernize” O&M playbook. We know there will always be legacy systems and we know these applications are often mission critical high value assets for agencies. As systems near end of life, and vendor support becomes challenging, it is imperative for agencies to have a trusted O&M contractor that can proactively prioritize and address potential problems. Mutatio’s proven approach to operational security and continuity supports diverse O&M needs, from legacy system maintenance to modernization initiatives.

Cloud Design

Mutatio has been dedicated to Cloud-First government solutions since our inception. We understand the unique challenges and opportunities Cloud computing provides for agencies. The solutions we recommend and design are secure, scalable and highly reliable. In addition, they fully leverage the cost efficiencies that properly engineered Cloud solutions can deliver.

Data Engineering

Agencies are tapping new sources of data in the quest for insight, efficiency and performance improvement. This may be unstructured data such as email, internal transaction systems, external social media feeds or a combination of these sources. A substantial amount of data engineering is required in order to harvest the analytical insight contained in such data. This includes ETL, data governance, data enrichment and data quality.

Mutatio will help you develop the people, processes and tools required to establish an agency wide data integration engineering competency.

Data Analytics

Agencies have an unprecedented ability to use data analysis to proactively identify trends, spot issues and improve performance. To a large degree, this is due to the greater volume, variety and velocity of data they now can exploit. Mutatio will help you take advantage of these advances by deploying the right combination of reporting, ad-hoc query and analysis, OLAP, dashboard and visualization tools. In addition, we can empower your data scientists with the right data mining, predictive analytics, natural language processing and statistical analysis applications.

Data Architecture

Most agencies have made substantial investments in components of their data architecture. The current challenge is to develop a modern data architecture that prudently integrates new technologies and capabilities for ingestion, analysis, transformation, storage and infrastructure. As this architecture is developed, it is crucial to invest in enterprise data governance, data quality and security – elements often neglected as people focus on the promise and perils of Big Data and the Cloud.

Mutatio will help you design an architecture that leverages existing investments in areas such as data warehousing while expanding your capabilities and enhancing your flexibility to derive insight from emerging data sources.

Data Strategy

Statistical analysis indicates that most major strategic IT transformation initiatives fail. To agencies bombarded with ever increasing volumes, variety and velocity of data this is no surprise. You are expected to do more with less while unearthing game changing insights from the mounds of data you now have access to. Don’t revert to the failure mean. With a sound data strategy in place success is indeed possible. You can break down silos, leverage data across sources, forms and systems.

Mutatio will help you develop a comprehensive roadmap to become a data driven organization. The hallmarks will be agility, innovation and rapid iteration. The journey is not easy, but with an evidence based strategy in place you will have the fortitude to drive transformative change.

Cloud Engineering

Mutatio has the Cloud engineering expertise required for agencies to build highly scalable solutions that can process high volume, velocity and variety data. Our Cloud engineers build solutions with the right combination of open source software, managed services and SaaS options.